My Favourite Omega Speedmaster Moon Replica Watch

My Favourite Omega Speedmaster Moon Replica Watch

Now , my favourite Omega is the Omega Speedmaster Moon Replica Watch. It’s all down to its history and the story that goes along with it. But I learnt my lesson quickly, being immersed in the industry as I now am. NASA still issue one of these watches to every single astronaut.Looking at it now it seems so dated but at the time it really was ground breaking. It did everything you could image and was very much a gadget. Despite being one of the lowest cost models in the whole catalogue, for me it’s the coolest.

Omega Speedmaster Moon

These scars are the story of your relationship with your Omega Speedmaster Replica Watch . Because life is about stories. Every scuff, every scratch tells a story and reminds you of a memory; a night out with friends, catching it on the rocks while swimming on your honeymoon or falling over playing with your kids.You may be coming in to see us to purchase your new Omega watch, you may be steadily saving every month for the watch of your dreams or maybe you have just decided that Omega is the brand for you and you are busy researching every spare moment you get. But the moment the watch goes on your wrist is the moment that the legend is born.

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