Replica Patek Philippe Complications Watch Annual Calendar Ref. 5396

Replica Patek Philippe Complications Watch Annual Calendar Ref. 5396

In the long course of human history and culture, the recording time is more important than the whole year of record single-day sense of time. People sunrise and sunset, you can easily estimate the approximate amount of time according to the light intensity.


Today, however, if there is no utility, only the passage of each day record with chalk or charcoal on the wall, it is difficult to grasp the changes throughout the year. Replica Patek Philippe Complications Watch until the emergence of the people to be able to reliably track time throughout the year depending on the position of celestial bodies. For example, Stonehenge (about 3000 BC) this monumental building, or the Nebra sky disk (about 2000 BC) this handy tool. Thus, one can predict several weeks in advance of the beginning of the spring, in order to prepare farmers plow sowing. The arrival of winter can be alerted in advance, people can be arranged in advance, in order to cope with winter. In early societies, the calendar is very important for the survival of those able to develop, read and interpret calendar people have enjoyed significant social prestige and huge wealth. The importance of the calendar from Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar) to implement the Julian calendar evident. According to the Julian calendar, every four years there is a leap year, which is the number of days in a year will be more than a day increased to 366 days, so as to enhance the long-term accuracy of the system. Nevertheless, the long years, inaccuracies continue to accrue, after centuries of error will result in a larger date. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII (Pope Gregory XIII) of the Julian calendar to make new amendments.

Revision replica patek philippe annual calendar watch from October 1582 overnight into Thursday, 4 October 15, 1582 Friday, skip the whole ten days. Gregory also abolished the leap day a few hundred years, but those can be divisible by 400 years (ie 1600, 2000, 2400 ……) still retains. Gregorian calendar (Gregorian calendar) was born, still in use. At the same time, however, still necessary to insert a leap second time to correct irregularities in astronomical time, most recently inserted leap second time June 30, 2015 23:59:59 UTC time. Because this correction method always involves the risk of information technology, people are actively discussing the abolition of leap seconds, and insert a leap in 2600 when a whole.


Mechanical Calendar

Mechanical calendar simply, is a very slow operation timepiece, through a reduction gear, the seconds, minutes and hours went by into days and months and years go by. A mechanical timing equipment stimulate the swiss replica watches constantly try new things, which is not surprising. For example, they tried to make it not only displays the time, but also shows the date, week, month, year, zodiac, and different seasons. Initially, a large bell tower is the object of such conduct experiments, such as the 16th century, Bern’s famous clock tower; later, experiments in smaller grandfather clock, a table clock, pocket replica watches and conduct. Released soon after the first watch, Patek Philippe replica watches launched the first calendar watch: Stunning No. 97975 replica watches(existing in the Patek Philippe Museum exhibits number Inv.P-72), published in 1925. The watch can display the date, week and month, and in addition to 30 days and 31 days can distinguish the month, it’ll also automatically recognizes leap year. After the introduction of the world’s first, Patek Philippe replica has introduced a variety of calendar watch, by the connoisseurs and collectors of the pro-Lai. Perpetual Calendar timepiece undoubtedly the pinnacle of Calibre 89 watch. In 1989, to commemorate the company’s 150th anniversary, Patek Philippe has created four Calibre 89, as well as a prototype table, this kind of performance on display in the Patek Philippe Museum. The pocket watch in addition to compliance with the rules of a leap year, but also comply with the rules of the Gregorian calendar, and can even show changes in the date of Easter. However, the design and manufacture of extremely complex perpetual calendar watch, few customers have the privilege of speaking their Hozawa. On the other hand, display the date only (sometimes also shows a week) mechanical watches, while the wearer needs a few days less than 31 days of the month for date display for manual adjustment is still very popular.


Patek Philippe replica watches Annual Calendar Patent: excellent practical complications

In 1992, the head and president of Patek Philippe replica filet Stearns (Philippe Stern) asked his engineers to develop a calendar means to fill gaps calendar simple and sophisticated machinery between the calendar. This will be a calendar replica watches, can automatically distinguish between 30 days and 31 days of the month, just in time to enter the March from February be adjusted. Announcing the plan, he expressed the hope that this calendar watch can become a reliable performance, easy operation model.
By 1994, the end of the decisive stages of development, can already filed a patent for an important principle and mechanical design. Followed by modeling, wrist test, Chronofiable testing, as well as numerous quality and accuracy assessment. Finally, in 1996 the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show (now the English called Baselworld), the first Ref. 5035 Annual Calendar stunning debut in public, in front of partners, experts and competitors. Ref. 5035 has been widely praised, and was voted the 1997 Watch of the Year. Its success continues to this day, Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Advanced watchmaking industry has become extremely popular Patek Philippe replica watches series. Today, the Patek Philippe watch industry as a whole is, Ref 5035 Annual Calendar is recognized when the first practical complications meter: meter practical everyday functions such complex, long-term to maintain a high degree of reliability and ease of operation . Watch every day wear and use of such people is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries.

To replace the gear forks

Reliability of the device depends on the calendar configuration for a patent, which for advanced calendar structurally equivalent to a revolution. This can be understood from the literal meaning, because Patek Philippe calendar manufacturer do not use a calendar watch popular rocker and fork, but on rotating parts. Rotary motion than movement rocker and forks easier to adjust and control, leading to long-term reliability.

Rich combination

In addition, Patek Philippe calendar means from the outset was designed as a stand-alone mechanical components. If desired, it can be adapted to a wide variety of installed base and swiss replica watchesthe movement. Over the past 20 years, the calendar device has demonstrated its diversity, has been placed in 21 different models of Patek Philippe replica watches: with or without moon phase display with 24 hours and / or power reserve display with timer function with three repeater function, and soft diamond ladies replica watches, etc., the list goes on.

Innovation Challenge

Innovative device calendar from the leading edge of the “Patek Philippe Advanced Research” project, also get a glimpse, in the project, a revolutionary material science and technology research and development to get mature. One technique to focus on a silicone material called “Silinvar®” over the past decade, the material in the precision watchmaking industry, energy efficiency, lifetime and reliability defines a new standard. replica patek philippe annual calendar ref 5396g  developed Silinvar® escapement wheel, Spiromax® Pulsomax® balance spring and escapement device is an industry initiative, and are mounted in a limited edition watch available. Calendar device has become the carrier of advanced components, this is the original device as well as its important role in the development of Patek Philippe in tribute to this.

Smart Watches

Patek Philippe replica watches calendar set practicality, reliability, and innovation in a structured, such “smart” replica watches in 1996, the advent of great historical significance. Of course, the “intelligent” understanding of the term, should more appropriately as “delicate.” Latest swiss replica watches in this category is the Patek Philippe replica Ref. 5396 Annual Calendar.

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