Trusted Richard Mille – A limited edition exclusive to the United Arab Emirates  Replica Wholesale Center

Trusted Richard Mille – A limited edition exclusive to the United Arab Emirates Replica Wholesale Center

Depending on the angle of perspective, I move from finding the palms perfect to wishing they had 15-20% more surface area. The hands are thick, three-dimensional objects and although they are on the smaller side, so I am sure they’re rather heavy — and micro-rotor moves are seldom large on torque and hence rarely fitted with substantial hands.The counter-argument is that this can be as much a showpiece as it’s a watch and since it’s still very legible, they chose to leave a bit more room for the eyes to find that the intricate movement, not pay more of it up with much larger hands.Over the past couple of weeks that I spent wearing the Richard Mille RM033 a lot, I remember two occasions when I was confused and had to look twice to tell the hands apart; the way that they stood on the dial along with how the lights played with, I wasn’t quite sure which one was which. Apart from these two exceptionally memorable moments of my life, I discovered legibility to be fantastic.

Richard Mille is bringing out a limited edition of 50 pieces exclusive to the United Arab Emirates, as a tribute to the watchmaker’s collaboration with Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit. For almost seven years now Richard Mille has been a partner and official timekeeper of the Formula 1 Yas Marina Circuit.

The RM 055 Yas Marina Circuit gives pride of place to the race track’s unique colours, which have become emblematic since the first Abu Dhabi Grand Prix took place in 2009. A highly distinctive turquoise blue, called “Yas Blue”, coats the rubber of the crown and the railway track framing the dial, which offers a spellbinding view of the movement. The YMC logo is engraved on the sapphire case back.

Edition limitée exclusive aux Emirats Arabes Unis.

The YMC logo is engraved on the sapphire case back. © Richard Mille

Its automatic movement, the calibre RMUL2, was designed to cope with acceleration of more than 500 G, and is skeletonised to the extreme, the open architecture showcasing the PVD and Titalyt® treated mainplate and bridges. The treatment guarantees optimum rigidity as well as providing ultra-smooth and flat surfaces, which are key to optimum functioning of the gear train. A variable inertia balance wheel ensures reliability under impact, and during assembly and dismantling, thus increasing the watch’s precision over the long term. The double-barrelled mechanism helps to optimise long-term torque stability and performance. Because stored energy is dispersed, pressure and friction on the gears, bearings and pivots is reduced, thus improving performance.

Edition limitée exclusive aux Emirats Arabes Unis.

RM 055 Yas Marina Circuit © Richard Mille

The distinctive construction of the RM 055 case meets the demanding requirements of sportsmen and racing drivers. The exclusive TPT® carbon used in the case is a signature of the Richard Mille collection. Its more than 600 layers of carbon fibres make it particularly rigid and resistant to impacts.

This marvel of engineering and sports styling is available only from the Richard Mille Watches And Prices Replica boutiques in the Dubai Mall and Galleria Mall in Abu Dhabi.

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