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Perched on the river bank at the heart of Shanghai’s Bund Finance Center, the Building by Foster + Partners in collaboration with Heatherwick Studio is inspired by traditional Chinese theatres and features an incredible moving façade composed of multilayered curtain-like bronze tubes.

Alongside similar curves and perspectives, the RM 67.01 Automatic Extra Flat by Richard Mille and the Fosun Foundation designed by Foster + Partners, located at the heart of the Bund Finance Center in Shanghai, share the same sense of aesthetic motion, both literally and figuratively. A glimpse from three angles.

A constantly changing aesthetic

Built at the heart of the Bund Finance Center in Shanghai, the Fosun Foundation building by the Foster + Partners architecture firm rises to the challenge of giving this place a literally moving façade. Designed like a curtain of bronze tubes whose shape recalls a row of bamboo stalks, the façade is composed of several layers moving independently of each other. This fluid rotating movement modifies the surface of the building and the perception of its depth through fascinating light and shade effects. A sense of motion that reminds one of that exemplified by the RM 67.01 Automatic Extra Flat watch. On this model, the flow of time is expressed with great lightness through the hours and minutes hands, as well as the date indication appearing in a discreet window at 5 o’clock.

Mirrored technical sophistication

Successfully transforming the façade of a building that is itself destined to remain immobile reflects an architectural vision firmly anchored in the 21st century. The technology involved in displacing the various bronze tube layers in a wave-like movement demonstrates great modernity and a new approach to architecture. Like the building created by Foster + Partners, the RM 67.01 Automatic Extra Flat watch reveals an identical quest for technical sophistication. The art of extreme thinness calls for highly specific expertise. Nonetheless, through aesthetic subterfuges applied to the complex case that involves 215 different machining operations, and to the openworked dial enhanced with Super-LumiNova®, Richard Mille manages to highlight the volumes and invites the gaze to plunge into the fascinating depths of its perspective.

A classic heritage as the bedrock of futurism

While the façade of the Fosun Foundation is fully in tune with its time, it in no way departs from the cultural roots of its surroundings. The use of the bamboo aesthetic illustrates this determination to remain firmly attached to traditions. The same philosophy governs the RM 67.01 Automatic Extra Flat which, in line with all Richard Mille Watches Cost Replica creations, evokes its horological heritage without losing sight of a futurism and extreme technical sophistication. Embodied by the openworked mechanical movement partially revealed through its most emblematic elements like the wheels, rotor and screws, the discreet nod to traditional Haute Horlogerie serves a vivid reminder that innovation cannot dispense with technical heritage.

Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat 
Case : grade 5 titanium
It’s a great opportunity for Richard Mille to experiment with colours and further develop the mythical RM 11 watch collection which helped put the brand on the map. In its advanced form, the RM 11 has the same useful movements, but a exotic case produced from Quartz TPT, a substance made in Switzerland and borrowed from functionality vehicles. The substance is a dense layering of countless sheets of silica that are mere microns thick for each coating. The blue is only cosmetic, but it wouldn’t be a Richard Mille without an invigorated splash of color.Richard Mille first published a Quartz TPT-cased wait back in 2015 using the RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal. In that previous article you can find out more about the lightweight, yet very robust and visually intriguing material. It is not as iconic as gold or platinum (but you can not “impregnate” — which is the actual term Richard Mille uses — those traditional luxury materials with colours like blue, red, yellow, yellow, and white as has been achieved to a range of high-end limited watches by the manufacturer). A brief glance at Richard Mille watches produced from Quartz TPT coated on aBlogtoWatch shows the visual variety accessible — more so, how effective utilization of exotic and contemporary materials such as this have been to get a brand like Richard Mille.Richard Mille himself, and the newest do indeed hang closely by people like Mr. Todt. Part of the honesty in their connection is what makes limited editions such as this perhaps more intriguing to watch fans than those we see from a number of other watch brands where the relationship feels a lot more like easy marketing. This Jean Todt and Richard Mille would continue to celebrate Todt’s life and achievements together makes sense — partially because Mr. Todt himself would be the archetype of somebody who should be a Richard Mille client.
Dimensions : 38.70 x 47.52 x 7.75 mm
Movement : skeletonized mechanical self-winding ultra-thin, Caliber CRM16, 50-hour power reserve
Functions : hours, minutes, date, function selector
Caseback : sapphire crystal